The only value you receive from a policy is when it comes to making a claim. Don’t find out before it’s too late. There can be many hidden terms and clauses within a policy wording.

Online quotations are based on a series of assumptions and many people do not realise that failure to disclose an accident, motoring conviction or the fact you may have once had a CCJ or been made bankrupt can invalidate the policy, in fact this is not an exhaustive list, and doesn’t just apply to the policyholder.

If you don’t read your statement of fact or proposal form properly then your policy could be made void and you are personally liable for any claim that may have occurred that could have serious financial implications for you.

We recommend that you discuss your needs with a trained professional who fully understands the many clauses and details within a policy wording. That way you have peace-of-mind and someone to refer back to in the event of a claim or query.

This approach doesn’t mean that you get a more expensive quote, far from it. Our experience shows that when comparing like-for-like cover with an online provider we are able to offer our local clients a more competitive alternative.

We can offer cover on:

  • Private Cars
  • 4×4’s
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Young Drivers
  • Special Types
  • Minifleet