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1287 Household Insurance

For household insurance in UK mainland

1287 Household Insurance

1287 Household Insurance
1287 Household Insurance overview1287 Household Insurance eligibility1287 Household Insurance documents
Purchasing a home, or renting a property is a huge financial commitment, so it makes sense to have the relevant insurance protection in place.

Unfortunately problems do occur in the home and accidents can happen which are out of your control. That's why protecting your home with insurance can give you great peace of mind.

Our featured product - the 1287 Household Policy has been specially negotiated for the romney marsh and surrounding areas. Our bespoke policy offers generous sums insured together with highly competitive premiums.

With the historic weather forces of 1287 in mind, our policy was designed to insure the properties of the unique romney marsh and surrounding areas - an area frequently cited as a high flood risk. Many insurance companies will not quote for the Marsh postcodes, some specifically exclude flood and a great many quote with increased premiums due to the supposed flood risk.

Our 1287 Household Policy is underwritten by Sterling Insurance Company who do not regard the romney marsh and surrounding areas as a flood risk. Our policy will allow you the peace of mind of wide cover together with highly competitive premiums. This policy is only available through our brokerage.

QUOTATIONS for Timber Framed Properties, Let Properties, High Value Properties and listed properties available please call us now for a specialised quotation.


1287 Household Insurance Main Policy Features

  • Standard Cover - main perils of fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, smoke, theft, storm, flood, falling trees or aerials, escape of water and oil, subsidence, heave and landslip, malicious damage, impact, riot and civil commotions.
  • Articles of jewelry, watches, furs, curios, works or art, antique furniture, articles of precious stones, silverware, collections of stamps, coins or medals.
  • Alternative accommodation costs if your home is rendered uninhabitable following a loss.
  • Business Equipment for your office at home.
  • Christmas and Wedding Gifts
  • Contents in the Garden up to £500 in total.
  • Freezer Contents up to £1,000 in total.
  • Metered water or heating oil up to £1,000 in total.
  • Your Liability to others - as occupier of the home - as a private person - to domestic employees - as a tenant for damage to buildings.
  • Personal Money & Credit Cards up to £500 for personal money and up to £1,000 for credit cards.
  • Replacement Locks and keys up to £500 in total.
  • Reinstatement of deeds and documents up to £500 in total.
  • Removal of Contents and temporary storage.
  • Student Possessions.
  • Accidental Damage
  • Accidental Damage to underground services
  • Reinstatement of the garden up to £1,000
  • Trace and Access - finding the source of a water leak.
  • All risk cover anywhere in the world
  • Cover for Trailers and caravans available.
  • Legal Protection
  • Standard Policy Excess £50, £1000 for subsidence, hard tennis courts and swimming pools are subject to a £500 excess.
  • Must be a UK based citizen
  • Must not have claimed in the last two weeks
  • No insurer has ever declined my / our proposal or refused to renew or cancelled my / our policy or imposed special terms or conditions for any of the risks proposed.
  • I/we have not suffered any losses or had any claims made against me/us by any employee or any third party in respect of death, injury or damage to property during the last five years, whether insured or not, in respect of any of the risks which I/we now wish to insure.
  • I/we have not been convicted of or charged with (but not tried) or received a police caution in connection with arson or any other criminal offence (other than motoring offences)
  • Note: Convictions regarded as spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 do not need to be disclosed
  • I/we have not been prosecuted or received notice of intended prosecution or been served with a Prohibition Notice in connection with a breach of any health and safety legislation.
  • I/we have not been declared insolvent or bankrupt or been the subject of bankruptcy proceedings.
  • I/we have not been the subject of a County Court Judgement (or Scottish equivalent) or are any proceedings pending.
  • I/we have not been a director or partner in any business which is or has been the subject of a winding up or administrative order, or receivership proceedings.
  • The statements and particulars contained in this Statement of Fact and attached Risk Presentation are true and complete and I/we have disclosed all material facts and agree that this application shall form the basis of the contract between me/us and Sterling Insurance Company Limited and shall be deemed to be incorporated into such contract.
  • a) declare that to the best of my /our knowledge and belief the answers and information given are true and complete in every respect and all material particulars which may affect the assessment of the risk have been disclosed. If any written answer has been made or information provided by another person, such person shall for that purpose be deemed to be my/our agent and not the agent of the Sterling Insurance Company Limited
  • To the extent that it has been necessary to verify answers and information provided I/we have consulted with the relevant parties
  • b) understand that Sterling Insurance Company Limited reserves the right to contact previous insurers to verify the information contained in this application
  • c) agree that this application shall be the basis of the contract between me/us and Sterling Insurance Company Limited and shall be deemed incorporated into such contract
  • d) understand that the personal data I/we provide, including sensitive personal data, may be used for the purposes of my/our insurance by Sterling Insurance Company Limited, their connected companies, agents, sub-contractors and other insurers as appropriate for the purposes of my/our insurance and I/we consent to that use. I/we understand that I am/we are entitled to a copy of my/our personal data held by Sterling Insurance Company Limited and its connected companies upon payment of a fee.
  • NB: If you are unable to confirm any of the above statements you must telephone


1287 Claim Form
1287 Claim Form
1287 Claim Form PDF Download 1287 Claim Form (74.23 KB) PDF file
1287 Proposal Form
1287 Policy proposal form
1287 Proposal Form PDF Download 1287 Proposal Form (799.94 KB) PDF file
Policy Booklet
Booklet outlining the policy
Policy Booklet PDF Download Policy Booklet (267.92 KB) PDF file
Policy Summary
Summary of our 1287 Policy
Policy Summary PDF Download Policy Summary (178.9 KB) PDF file
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